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Rebuilding our Communities

Windward has partnered up with a locally established entrepreneur, who decided to “take back her community” by establishing a coffee shop in the heart of the colourful coloured township of Bonteheuwel, situated north of Cape Town. Bonteheuwel was created in the 1960s as a repository for the coloured community who had been forced to move out of Cape Town as a result of the Group Areas Act.

Windward aims to bring international guest to this area in the hopes of creating jobs and creating Cape Town’s next hotspot. 

R1250.00 p/p

Collected from CBD hotels (btw 08h00-08h30) 

Proceed towards the District 6 area to see the remains and listen to stories from your local guide of the once colourful community. Continue to the District 6 Museum for a short visit. 
Depart for Bonteheuwel where you will be welcomed by a local historian who will share the history on apartheid and personal experiences of living in Bonteheuwel.
Enjoy a 3 course meal which will consist of Cape Malay coloured cuisine. 
During lunch, be entertained by Cape Town’s famous “Kaapse Klopse” During the Apartheid years, the National government tried their best to kill the tradition, banning all minstrel performances and parades. 

Take a leisurely drive back to your hotel or a drop off at the waterfront. 

Time of return 14.30 - 15.00 

Entrances Fee included: District 6 museum & lunch 


  • Additional R400 p/person add Table Mountain
  • Additional R150 p/person add Hand massage Drinks for guests own acc.
Drinks to Guests own account.



  • Samoosas with a dip 
  • Chilli Bite 
  • Spring Rolls 
  • Sugar bean curry with Basmati rice or a roti
  • Tomato Stew served with white rice 
  • Cabbage Bredie or Carrot & Peas Bredie 
  • Koeksisters 
  • Milk Tart 
  • Bread Budding